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About Us

Attracting qualified, experienced and motivated talent, for any organization, is paramount to its’ success.  Research and, increasingly, common sense, supports the fact that the most successful and profitable teams are created by perspectives from diverse experiences and diverse backgrounds. 


Finding qualified, experienced and motivated talent is difficult.  Finding such talent from professionals who are traditionally underrepresented in business in general and in the finance and investment disciplines specifically, is even more challenging.  


The science, the art, the reality of accessing this talent is not a mystery.  Access is granted from inside, via relationships. 


McCain Stewart has these relationships. 


Our services fill the gap of identifying and introducing qualified, experienced and motivated talent from unrepresented populations to organizations that sincerely seek a dynamic and inclusive workforce. 


McCain Stewart specializes in professionals within the Finance and Investment community — 


  • Asset/Investment Management  

  • Private Equity  

  • Venture Capital  

  • Real Estate 

  • Social Impact Investing 

  • Investment Banking 

  • Equity and Credit Sales & Research 

  • Private Wealth  

  • And more… 


We source talent at all levels.  We source talent for organizations of all sizes.  We can help develop your pipeline.   

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